Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Term 4 is Flying By!

Kia ora everyone!

It seems that time is just speeding by. We are in the midst of Week 6 of Term 4 and what a term it has been. Our Year 8 students are working hard on their Passion Projects. This is a project based learning opportunity for our Year 7-10 students where they work in collaborative groups outside their form class with a variety of teachers from across the school.

If you want to take look at some of the choices that were offered, the resources being used and some other helpful info, spend some time on our Passion Projects shared site.

Next week we will be heading off on our EOTC Week activities to celebrate the completion of an excellent year. All Year 8 students are expected to attend as this is part of our Year 8 curriculum. Please forward any questions or concerns to me by email, or ring the school with any queries. Monday we will be at Omaka Scout Camp, Tuesday we will be visiting the Rehua Marae and the Canterbury Museum, Wednesday we are back at Omaka and Thursday we are finishing off at Adrenalin Forest! I am so looking forward to these exciting activities that will push us out of our comfort zone.

On a more administrative note, reports are currently in progress and we have had quite a few assessments over the last few weeks in order to gather data to best give you a look at where your student is at and what progress they have made this year. These will be available on the parent portal in Week 9. Please note, there are no learning conferences this term. If you have anything to discuss regarding your student, I am happy to meet with you before the end of the year.