Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Community Impact Projects - It's Cool to Be Kind!

Kia ora everyone!

Hornby High School is in the midst of some very exciting curriculum changes and this year we have introduced Community Impact Projects (CIP). This allows students some choice to work on a project that interests and inspires them. For 3 periods on a Wednesday, staff collaborate with each other (and with the students!) to create engaging learning experiences that enhance or work alongside our local community.

In Term 2 I was lucky enough to lead a project called, "It's Cool to Be Kind!" and our group came up with the idea to create a colouring in competition for three of our local primary schools. I have shared below some of the highlights on a presentation created by Bryce (Bh), Tai (Bh), Tamani (Tz) and Nathan (Tz) who will be sharing what we have been up to at our Year 7/8 Hui tomorrow!

Myself and the other teachers involved with this project were very impressed by the collaboration we saw as we organized this event. Students volunteered to write sponsorship letters for prizes, deliver these letters in person, email schools and principals, create posters/DLOs to share our event to the community, design and create our colouring in sheets, vote on which one would be used for each group, photocopy and stuff envelopes with our colouring sheets and the list goes on! Last week we delivered prizes to the schools to be given to our winners!

Did you participate? Let me know in the comments below! We would love to hear some feedback about your experience partaking in this collaborative, student-led project. :)

Thanks to everyone involved at Hornby High School and those contributing primary schools who participated in our event! I look forward to sharing more of what we get up to in our CIP this term!