Friday, 9 August 2019

Deputy Principal for the Day

Kia ora everyone!

In Year 7/8 we have a Hui each week where all of our Year 7/8 students come together to share their learning, sing waiata, hear important notices and messages, and best of all, we have a prize draw! You should be familiar with our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) CARR card process. Students are given a CARR card which they collect stamps on for showing our school values, Commitment, Achievement, Resilience and Respect. After the student completes a full card this is given to their form teacher to be put in the draw for Wednesday's Hui. Alongside that, there are incentives for the more cards that get filled in:

- 5 completed CARR cards (50 stamps) - CARR postcard mailed home
- 10 completed CARR cards (100 stamps) - $5 cafe voucher
- 20 completed CARR cards (200 stamps) - $10 voucher, either to Hornby Hub mall or school cafe
- increments of 10 onwards - $5 cafe voucher

Our Deputy Principal, Mr Scott does our CARR card draw, one from each form class each week. These students receive a $2 voucher to our cafe. Each term we also have a value of the month, where students can get a one-off ticket for showing that value. These go into a separate draw where students can win a $5 voucher each week. This is pulled from a combined kete of all the Year 7/8 classes.

If that wasn't enough, Mr Scott has generously gotten us some 'big token' prizes such as sports balls, movie vouchers, board games, books, headphones etc. where a prizewheel is spun and 1 student from Year 7/8 is chosen from ALL the collected CARR cards and values tickets for the whole team each week. On the prize wheel there is also a special spot called "Deputy Principal". The student who spins the wheel and lands on this prize gets to shadow Mr Scott for a few hours and help make changes and decisions for Year 7/8.

We were very lucky to have one of our Bh students, Jrae, selected to be Deputy Principal for the day. Mr Jrae worked with Mr Scott and student Hamid from Tz for the morning and helped make some very important decisions. As follows is a short breakdown of the day:

- formal meeting, where ties were checked, hot chocolate was drank and an action plan was made
- they did a sweep of the staffroom to make sure all the teachers were on task
- planned a 'farewell to Jblock' party leading up to leaving our old buildings prior to moving into the new kahui at the end of this term
- special rewards for Bh and Tz; lollies (bought by Mr Scott) and 20 minutes free time

I was really proud to see Jrae step into this role, with a HUGE smile on his face. He had the chance to ask his classmates what they would like to see, and I can tell he used their feedback in some of the decision making process... who doesn't love lollies and free time!?

Great work Mr Jrae, I hope you had a lot of fun being the Deputy Principal!!