Tuesday, 15 October 2019

What I Want 7/8Al to Know About Me

Kia ora readers!

This term I have the special opportunity to teach 7/8Al for one hour each week! I am really excited about this opportunity as I have not had the chance to teach many of these students before. I love getting to know other learners in Year 7/8 and getting the experience to teach them. I know many of the Year 8's in Mrs Allan-Fletchers class as I have worked with some of them last year for Passion Projects (stone carving) or Business and Enterprise kete where we created projects for Market Day. There are a few boys who I have taken for basketball for the past two years and I have really enjoyed getting to know Vann, Lars and Axle through sport!

I have a few things that I want 7/8Al to know about me as a teacher and a person:

1) I really love blogging and I think it is a great way to share our ideas in a fun way while practicing our writing.

2) In my spare time I like to read and I always like to talk to students about new books! I previously worked for Scholastic Books and I have read many young adult titles.

3) I really like to award CARR stamps for students I see showing our school values. I know I am so proud of my students when they bring me back full CARR cards from other teachers, so I would like us all to do the same for Mrs Allan-Fletcher and make her proud!

4) My favourite food is ice cream, even though it's not the healthiest choice! I like ice cream on a hot summer's day but also cozying up in winter time to watch a movie with a big bowl of ice cream. I wonder, how do you think we can have an ice cream party this term?

5) I love travelling and have been to a lot of different places. I have travelled to Samoa, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Australia and all over New Zealand since I moved here in 2017. A place I would really like to visit is Bali and the Philippines. If you are from a different country, I would love to hear all about it!

6) I can teach and give instructions best when the students are self-managing and showing 'active listening' on the mat. I love to answer questions and help you if you are stuck by explaining the topic in a different way if you are confused; don't be afraid to ask for help!

I look forward to spending 1 hour a week with 7/8 Al and have asked them to write a piece to me on their blogs sharing more about themselves and what I should know as a teacher in their classroom!