Tuesday, 19 November 2019

A Place to Visit

Kamusta readers!

I have been dreaming about my next holiday and was curious where 7/8Al would go if they could have a special vacation. I have asked them to create a well-written blog post explaining where they want to go and WHY?

Things I am looking for at Year 7/8:
- a properly structured paragraph
- descriptive language in your writing
- blogging etiquette - title, introduction to the task, asking for feedback, tags etc.
- examples of WHY
- photos or videos to make your post interesting!

I have already had the chance to read some excellent pieces of writing. I really enjoyed looking at Callum's post on Jeju Island, Vann's blog about Italy and Nici's writing about Berlin. These are three awesome examples of Year 7/8 quality blog posts!

I invite you to have a look on their posts and leave them some positive, thoughtful or helpful feedback on their work.